Things I’d Like to talk about

I’ve been really busy lately and pretty frustrated with some projects I’m working on, but as incentive for me to write I’m going to post some ideas I’ve had or things I’ve been thinking about.

Memes: phrases and words that are used almost like trends or fads, particularly seen in school and college environments either locally or globally used (ex: “sweet” “daves!” “tubular”) also how they change with time.

Naming Conventions: How different cultures appropriate names to various things whether they be people or places. For example, Japanese family names are often derived from the area where ancestors were from (Yamashita = under the mountain), whereas in Anglo-european instances surnames frequently derived from professions (Smith, Carpenter, Thatcher).

I’d also like to discuss the observance of the phonetics of a speaker’s native tongue based on the accents observed in second, third, and later languages.

About evilestmark

Writer, Yogi, English, and Japanese teacher living in rural Japan.
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