Jargon is in my humble opinion, the most annoying linguistic dilemma EVER.  Definitively Jargon is a terminology used within specific fields of work, interest, or society.  It’s a problem because people that use Jargon want to keep using it and aren’t interested in communicating to people outside of their jargon-using group.  As I’ve said before anything that inhibits communication is a problem.

Nowadays with great things like the internet we have access to a lot more information than we did some time ago.  People have however extended the use of jargon from spoken words to written words.  It’s very difficult for people that are not-proficient in a specific field to understand instructions that are heavily laden with jargon.  The conundrum being that one can’t learn proper use of the jargon without already knowing it.  It’s paradoxical and incredibly frustrating for many people including myself.

To most members of older generations than mine (born in 1986) ours seems to have a jargon.  With modern high-tech playtoys like I-pods, DVD players, PS2s, Halo, LAN parties, AIM, and anything else beyond e-mail on the internet we’ve linguistically separated ourselves from them.  It’s a problem, and we could help to solve it by using more general terminology for items whenever we can.  Instead of an I-pod you can refer to it to your grandparents as “a music player,” a DVD as a “movie” a PS2 as a “Video game system.”  If you need to use specifics then go for it, but general terms are better for understanding between the ages.

So… Be considerate of those that don’t follow your line of speech.  Please?

About evilestmark

Writer, Yogi, English, and Japanese teacher living in rural Japan.
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