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More on names

As I think I have mentioned before, I’m very intrigued by names. There’s just something about them. What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Billy Shakes had a lot to say about a … Continue reading

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General Catch-up

I’ve completed my introductory linguistics courses: Study of Language, and History of the English Language.  I have some sort of basis for talking about things now I guess. I Think that I’ve decided what I’m interested in doing long term … Continue reading

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The History of English (Summary)

So I’ve had a request for a summary of the history of english.  I’m doing this without referencing my notes, so it may require future editing.  I’m trying to be as brief as possible but it’s kind of long.

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Paper Topic

So I have to write a proposal for my term paper in History of English. I’m thinking about writing about Ablauts/Strong verbs.  These are verbs whose inflection are within the verb itself like: Swim/Swam/Swum, Sing/Sang/Sang, Speak/Spoke/Spoke, etc.  More than just … Continue reading

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Root of my interest

F-word is one of the reasons why I became interested in linguistics.

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